Kréyol is a woman's high fashion brand that represents ALL WOMEN:
their Freedom, Resilience & Strength.
We empower through beautiful designs that makes one feel unique, like a piece of art, with a focus on quality and superior design. Our goal is to make you feel empowered and beautiful through our garments, while empowering artisans in Haiti (where we draw our inspiration) with a means of sustainability and creativity through economic development.
Who is Kréyol?

YOU are Kréyol! Kréyol is anyone who embodies boldness, color, and authenticity. It is for any and everyone with a story of overcoming- a story of resilience. When you wear our garments, it not only makes you feel powerful but also reminds you of your inner warrior.

What is YOUR story? How did YOU overcome? What makes YOU Strong? Resilient? Free?

What makes you Kréyol?