I Am Kréyol

Kréyol is a woman's high fashion brand that represents ALL WOMEN: their Freedom, Strength, Vibrance, Passion and Resilience. We empower through beautiful, well-crafted garments and curated personal experiences that make women feel like a piece of art. 

The Kréyol Foundation, launching in the spring of 2020, utilizes fashion and art to support causes that effectively impact the lives of disenfranchised women in Haiti and beyond through education and entrepreneurship.

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The Kréyol Way: I am my sister's keeper

I believe in a woman's power to choose and create the life she envisions for herself, but understand the privilege I have in even being able to make such a statement. Approximately 70% of the rural poor are women who are subjected to violence, abuse and dire living conditions on an everyday basis. Their choices and opportunities are limited.

Through Kréyol, I want to afford women the opportunity to "choose". We use fashion as a catalyst for change through partnerships and programs that focus on art, education and entrepreneurship for disenfranchised women.

When a client purchases a garment from Kréyol, they are directly affecting the livelihood of another woman in the world.

We Thank You dearly for your support!

Joelle Fontaine, Kréyol CEO

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