About Us

I Am Kréyol is a woman’s high fashion brand whose aim is to teach a woman to fish.

Our goal is to work with Haitian women to acquire a skill by producing our garments, thus affecting their economic power and overall lives. We believe we are our sister’s keeper. So when you purchase an I Am Kréyol garment, you are directly affecting the livelihood of a woman somewhere else in the world.

What is Kréyol?

At Kréyol, we celebrate individuality through bold and enticing visual aesthetic. We aim to impact the world one garment at a time, making it about more than just fashion. Kréyol is a movement. We aim to enlighten, educate and empower by using fashion to increase awareness of social causes affecting people domestically and abroad. 

Who is Kréyol?

When one thinks of Kréyol, they think of audacious individuals who fight, and aspire to be more.  They envision warriors in a-line dresses and combat boots.

Revolutionaries... The Kréyol woman is not bound by generational or ethnic backgrounds. She is simply one who lives boldly and walks in her purpose.

Why Kréyol?

People often ask “why the name Kréyol”?

“Is it just a Haitian thing?”

The influence behind the name is of course our Haitian heritage. However, when one looks into creole elements, we find that there are so many people from different parts of the world that consider themselves to be of this culture. Our food, music, customs, style, struggles and strength are very similar. It matters not that you are from Haiti, or New Orleans, or Cape Verde, or Brazil- we all see life in colour.

Kréyol represents vibrance, colour, resilience, boldness and above all… strength. It is an idea that speaks to us all, no matter where we come from or what we look like. We all know pain and struggle, victory and joy. That is what Kréyol represents.